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LG Prada 3.0 – LG wears Prada

LG Prada

LG Prada 3.0

From the time when on the lipstick red casing shined the first zircon, no one is left to doubt that a mobile phone can be a fashion accessory. Today, fashion phones are coming in different shapes and sizes- ones look like powder casings, others like an experiment from some scientific lab. For the ones with deep pockets there are different models with high value metals and expensive crystals.

In the “normal” group the Prada phones made by LG are included. The third phone signed by the Italian fashion house, is one of the most beautiful, but at the same time, one of the most expensive phones that work on Android, which justifies its high price with the looks and the branding.

In the technology aspect LG Prada 3.0 falls behind the models at the same price rank as Galaxy S II or iPhone, but in the same sense as the former fashion models did. It has a dual core processor that works on 1 GHz , 8GB dedicated memory and 1GB RAM, a beautiful screen and a firm promise of Ice Cream Sandwich upgradability, making it an interesting phone even for the ambitious users.

With a minimalistic design and a “plain” squared housing with elegant dark colors, the new Prada 3.0 risks being left unknown in the vast market and labeled as “nothing special”. But the observant eye won’t miss the design details that distinguish Italian glamor from the rest. The casings thickness is 8.5mm and it has no curves.  LG swears that all the design elements are made from high quality metal composites.

Inside the casing you can find the SIM and microSD slot. The screen is a new and high quality 4.3 inch (480×800) pixel panel called NOVA. The specks say that these screens have two times higher lighting than Super AMOLED screens and high quality imaging. It has an 8MP camera with a pretty strong LED flash and produces satisfactory picture and video quality.

All in all LG Prada 3.0 is a very attractive phone an example of a perfect match between beauty and power.

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