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Mob eCommerce: Build Your Own Mobile Store

Mob eCommerce

Mob eCommerce

Mob eCommerce is a company dedicated in the specialization of Android and iPhone apps for businesses. It is basically the tool you might need so as to bring your store into light to wary online shoppers. Through the right apps and getting them to launch, you will be able to put your store in view on either the Android marketplace or the Apple Appstore. Needless to say, by getting your app in any of those, you will have greater exposure and thus most likely to increase sales and popularity.

As in most mobile store creators, Mob eCommerce come together with both the statistics and analytics to find out the behavior of your users thus, learning the devices on what and what not to avoid doing by finding out more ways to engage them with the app you are offering. As a matter of fact, integration with Google Analytics is made available to better and accurately track results of your campaigns.

To name a few highlights are provided in this list:

  • It supports various platforms on eCommerce. That is to say, the solutions by Mob eCommerce are able to be integrated with the available eCommerce portals regardless of the platform used. What’s more is that it also has readymade solutions for prominent eCommerce platforms.
  • It is flexible and customizable with a user- friendly interface. Since every unique client has different needs, the Mob eCommerce team will work as your extended team to make everything easier for you. You can also integrate your brand with only the best mobile application design standards.
  • The set up is for free and has no monthly cost. You only have to pay fees upon purchasing, setting-up, and deploying all your apps. The pricing is rather reasonable and competitive compared to other similar products across the market.

One response to “Mob eCommerce: Build Your Own Mobile Store

  1. make your own store March 20, 2012 at 8:03 am

    it is good information to those who are still searching for a good eCommerce for their store. however there are lot of ecommerce that has a many benefits provides.

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